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  1. Edgeman, Rick

    Corporate performance (Enterprise Excellence, Quality Management), Corporate social responsibility (CSER Assessment), Innovation (Viral Innovation), Statistical analysis (Inverse Gaussian Methods, Reliability), Sustainability (BEST Models, Sustainable Enterprise Excellence)

    • Hahn, Ute

      Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Monte Carlo simulation, Statistical methods (Computational methods), Statistics (Nonparametric statistics, Spatial statistics, Stochastic Geometry), Stereology

      • Jensen, Jens Ledet

        Bioinformatics (DNA evolutionary models, hidden markov models, microarray data), Statistics, Statistics (asymptotics, hidden markov models, saddlepoint approximations)

        • Kiderlen, Markus

          Functional analysis and operator theory (inverse problems), Geometry (convex geometry, integral geometry), Statistics (stereology, stochastic geometry)

          • Kristensen, Simon

            Arithmetic, Dynamical systems (Ergodic Theory, Small denominator problems), Number Theory (Diophantine approximation, Metric number theory)

            • Morin, Léo Paul David

              Mathematical physics (Bochner Laplacian, Bose-Einstein condensation, Magnetic Fields, Semiclassical Analysis, Spectral Theory)

              • Salomonsen, Hans Anton

                Cryptology (Public-key encryption)

                • Wellnitz, Kaare Bro

                  Pedagogical psychology (Primary school organization, School-engagement), Personality psychology (Motivation, Self-Determination Theory), Qualitative and quantitative method development, Statistical methods, Statistics