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Michael Møller Hansen

Ph.D., D.Sc., Professor

Michael Møller Hansen

I am a Professor at the Department of Bioscience, Aarhus University. My area of research is population genomics and evolutionary biology, and I particularly use fishes as model organisms. In short, I use molecular genetics and genomics data to study the demographic history of species and populations, their adaptation to environmental conditions, and their potential to respond to future environmental change. For instance, this is highly relevant in a climate change perspective; can populations and species adapt through evolution to a warmer climate and altered seasonal change? In this context I have also recently taken an interest in the role of epigenetics in adaptive processes. I am also generally interested in how humans alter evolutionary trajectories, for instance through (over)fishing, eutrophication and fragmentation of habitats.

Research areas:

  • Population genetics
  • Conservations genetics
  • Adaptation
  • Speciation mechanisms

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