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Lotte Philipsen

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Lotte Philipsen
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My overall research focus is contemporary art and art theory/aesthetic theory.

Currently, I take particularly interest in investigating how new technology is used in art in a narrow sense and in aesthetic practices in a broader sense such as speculative design and activism. For instance, I am looking at the aesthetic potentials of machine vision, artificial intelligence, robots, DNA-manipulation, etc.

I also have a profound research background in the globalization mechanisms governing the field of contemporary art today, which includes the significant presence of non-Western art in Western art institutions, and the general internationalization of museums, biennales, and curatorial practices. 

Finally, I have a soft spot for theory on visual theory in general and I find the mechanisms of visual communication – in cityscapes, science journals, etc. – to be intriguing objects of critical analysis.

I have thorough experience in teaching courses and supervising students in topics such as Visual analysis, Digital aesthetics, Art History 1750-today, Machine images, Non-western contemporary art, Visual communication, and Art history's theory and methods (among others).

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