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Lars Nielsen

PhD Student

Lars Nielsen
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Project title: Massive-scale storage compression for a scalable IoT infrastructure (MSCSII)

Project description:
The strict requirements for 5G and the increasing amount of data generated by both end-user and IoT devices present a set of challenges for communication networks and storage systems.

The currently employed infrastructure is unable to handle this load increase, especially with the massive increase of data. Furthermore, with the expected increase of active devices, the cost of transferring data through the current networks to the destination will be problematic. The economical cost of both maintaining and providing networks and storage systems with the ability to handle this will grow significantly. Therefore, it is critical to develop new technologies to handle the increased data load.

The goal of the project is to design technologies and architectures for future storage and communication systems which can handle the increased data loads, using compression to decrease the amount of data actually stored without loss of information.

Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Daniel Rötter

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