Johanna Maria Pedersen

PhD Student

Johanna Maria Pedersen
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Project title:  Ammonia emissions dynamics following land application of liquid manure.

Nitrogen losses from agricultural systems is a major international societal and environmental challenge. Ammonia (NH3) losses from land applied manure is accountable for about 1/3 of the total NH3 emissions form Danish agriculture, and is thereby a large contributor.

The aim of the Ph.D project is to develop measuring methods for gaseous emissions following land application of liquid manure by optimising and evaluating dynamic chambers for measurements in the field. These methods will be used to measure emission dynamics of NH3 and odorous gasses over time. The effect of different application systems will be measured along with important parameters controlling the emissions, such as soil water content, soil type, soil surface characteristics and soil porosity.

Main supervisor:  Associate Professor Anders Feilberg

Co-supervisor: Senior Advisor Tavs Nyord

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