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Janne Fritt-Rasmussen

Special Consultant, Chief/Special Consultant

Janne Fritt-Rasmussen


Janne Fritt-Rasmussen, Ph.D., is environmental engineer with >10 years of experience in Arctic research, project management and teaching at university level.

Ph.D. (2010) in in-situ burning of Arctic marine oil spills from the Arctic Technology Centre at the Technical University of Denmark and SINTEF. The Ph.D. project was part of the SINTEF “oil in ice” JIP, thus she has participated in Arctic field trials involving in situ burning and published papers/reports on the subject.

Since 2012 she is working with consultancy regarding the environmental aspects of the oil exploitation in Greenland, at the DCE - Danish Centre for Environment and Energy, Aarhus University. Involved in the development of the NEBA tools for Greenland. This process also includes additional laboratory and field experiments to fill out some of the knowledge gaps regarding oil spill response techniques and their potential environmental impacts for the Greenlandic conditions (in situ burning and chemical dispersants).

Involved in international research projects: The EU project Integrated Oil Spill Response Actions and environmental effects – GRACE, where she is involved in the part including enhanced knowledge about in situ burning application areas (near shore and ice) and related environmental effects. She has moreover been involved projects from the Arctic Oil Spill Response Technology Joint Industry Programme (JIP) related to in-situ burning, herders and environmental effects.

She has supervised student projects including a PhD project and is developer and teacher on the Master level course Arctic mineral resources: Environmental impacts and mitigation technology.

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