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Hasse Højgaard Neve

PhD Student

Hasse Højgaard Neve
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Project title: Optimizing refurbishment projects through lean processes

Refurbishment or renovation of housing buildings are a challenge worldwide and well debated both in industry and in academia. The construction industry consumes up to 40 percent of the total energy production. The construction industry is therefore under pressure to radically reduce the energy consumption, both in the use phase (operational energy) and in the manufacturing and construction process (embedded energy). 75 percent of all constructions we have today will still exist in the year 2040. To reach the ambitious energy targets much more knowledge about how to optimize refurbishment processes is needed.

In new building projects, we have already succeeded in increasing productivity radically and to reduce waste and thereby the embedded energy consumption of construction by implementing lean based tools and principles. However, in refurbishment projects, knowledge about implementation and the effect of lean construction principles is limited, which also indicates an unexploited potential for sustainable renovation processes.

This research will continue to investigate the potential sustainable effect that lean processes can have on the construction process in refurbishment projects.

Main supervisor: Prof. (Docent) Søren Wandahl

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