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Louise Feld

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Louise Feld


My professional expertise is in environmental effects and ecotoxicology of xenobiotics, e.g. microplastics, pesticides, oil or antiobiotics. My background is within ecology, where I have a strong interest in interactions between biological organisms and environmental stressors, hereunder biological tolerance/resistance and the importance of biodiversity for adaptation and persistence of functional biological communities. I have large experience with studies of xenobiotic degradation in different environments such as marine waters, soil or in the Arctic. This also includes risk assessment of xenobiotics and identification and measurement of indicators or biomarkers for determination of environmental effects. Molecular biology is a tool-box, which I have used extensively, and my qualifications include development and application of multiple techniques based on eDNA or RNA.

My current main interests are within micro- and macroplastics in marine environments. In this regard, my focus points are on mapping of amounts and distribution, source tracking, fate and in how to establish precautionary measures to limit impacts of plastic pollution. In this framework, I participate in a range of Danish and international research projects and provide council for the Danish authorities.

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