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Emøke Bendixen

Senior Researcher

Emøke Bendixen
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Proteomics applied to farm animal sciences

Reseach is focused on mass spectrometry-based proteomics for characterising molecular markers that relate to health-, disease-, and production traits of farm animals.

An important aim of our quantitative proteomics studies is to provide information about differential expression patterns of specific proteins and pathways, and to integrate this information with genetic, physiological and post genome studies in a systems biology approach.

Ongoing Projects include:

  • Characterising biomarkers in bovine milk
  • Host-Pathogen interactions in porcine gut
  • Host-Pathogen interactions in porcine lung tissues
  • Molecular markers for meat quality
  • Stress respons related to crowding of trout in aquaculture
  • Proteome patterns of bovine and porcine liver tissues

Technologies include:

  • Mass spectrometry-based proteomics
  • High throughput proteome platform
  • Maldi Imaging
  • Quantitative proteome platforms
  • iTRAQ-technology for quantitative mass spectrometry profiling
  • Cap-LC
  • Nano-LC
  • Bioinformatics

Instrumentation includes:

  • Bruker: Autoflex-II, high throughput MALDI-TOF based platform
  • Appplied Biosystems: Q-star, high resolution quadrupole-time of flight instrument, equipped with interchangable sources including Nano-spray, electrospray and Maldi source
  • Agilent: Cap-LC (1100 series)
  • Agilent: Nano-LC (1100 series)
  • PerkinElmer: MultiPROBE-II-HT Liquid Handling system with Gripper integration platform and PVM-vacum manifold for protein digestion, surface extraction and maldi spotting applications

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