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Charlotte Skjold Qvist Christensen

PhD Student, Research Fellow

Charlotte Skjold Qvist Christensen


Charlotte Skjold Qvist Christensen holds a Master of Science in Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering from Aarhus University. During her master’s studies, she specialized in Environmental Engineering and found particular interest in water treatment and sustainable waste management. She studied the potential of biochar derived from waste biomass for the remediation of short- and long chain perfluoroalkyl acids from aqueous medium in her master’s thesis in collaboration with the Water Engineering Innovations research group. During her Ph.D. studies, Charlotte will enhance and optimize the adsorptive properties of biochar for the concentration of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from polluted water, enabling its use in a novel concentrate-and-degrade technology for photocatalytic degradation of PFAS

ID: 307892240