Multimodal Anthropology - Experimental Approaches



This course offers an introduction to the discipline of multimodal anthropology and the practical production of audio-visual and multimodal components in social science research.

This hands-on course enables students to design and implement multimodal components in their research, to think and operate beyond disciplinary boundaries within the social sciences, to critically reflect on epistemological aspects of knowledge-production, and to effectively communicate research findings through multimodal approaches across a variety of media.

The course provides students with an introduction to multimodal anthropology from film, photography, and sound to digital- and social media. The course participants will engage critically with literature and develop, produce, discuss and analyse multimodal representations.

Throughout the course, students are engaged in critical readings of central methodological and analytical texts. Furthermore, the course introduces a variety of concrete examples of participatory opportunities that multimodal, digital anthropology and new media offer in social science research.
Course period04/07/202219/08/2022
Course levelBachelor level
Course format10