Why Strategic Plans Need Multiple Futures

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Interview on Strategic Foresight


  • Mention of Benchmarking Study

    Dan Wellers, Kai Goerlich, and Stephanie Overby

    Digitalist Magazine


TitleMention of Benchmarking Study
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Media name/outletDigitalist Magazine
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CountryUnited States
DescriptionThose that pull it off are rewarded. A 2017 benchmarking report from the Strategic Foresight Research Network (SFRN) revealed that vigilant companies (those with the most mature processes for identifying, interpreting, and responding to factors that induce change) achieved 200% greater market capitalization growth and 33% higher profitability than the average, while the least mature companies experienced negative market-cap growth and had 44% lower profitability.
Producer/AuthorDan Wellers, Kai Goerlich, and Stephanie Overby
PersonsRené Rohrbeck
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