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Seagrass contributes to the conservation of Zanzibar’s biggest tourist attractions: the pristine beaches and the clear water. The marine plants act as barriers to the waves and reduce the erosion of the coastline while helping to clean polluted water from the land. Thousands of marine species depend on seagrass for their survival. But seagrass is endangered by pollution and climate change. Researcher Idrissa Yussuf Hamad is trying to find solutions to this marine health challenge by using drone technology to map Zanzibar’s seagrass.



TitleImportance of seagrasses in Zanzibar
Degree of recognitionNational
Media name/outletIdrissa and Seagrasses
Media typePodcast
Country/TerritoryTanzania, United Republic of
DescriptionThe podcast is based on the interview to shed light on the importance of seagrasses around the waters of Zanzibar. It explains why research in this field is important, benefits of seagrasses and threats affecting. It further new methods that are being investigated to study seagrasses in Zanzibar.
Producer/AuthorIdrissa Hamad; Morten Mechlenborg Nørulf
PersonsIdrissa Yussuf Hamad, Morten Nørulf
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