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Bernd Wollenweber

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Bernd Wollenweber
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My current research interest is focused on nutritional physiology, concentrating on the investigation of relevant processes controlling nutrient uptake, transport and metabolism, ultimately affecting crop quality. Research in this area is relevant in light of current environmental factors such as drought and (high) temperature, which impair nutrient acquisition and may result in nutritional imbalances. Recently, the possible role of priming and the role of mykorrhiza in alleviation of abiotic stress have been investigated.

Former activities have focused on internal regulation processes, in particular of plant acid-base balance in relation to resource acquisition of nitrogen from mineral and atmospheric (NH3) sources, cation-anion balance and the regulation of relevant enzyme activities.

The effect of high temperature-events in wheat was studied as part of an EU research project on 'Climate Change, Climatic Variability and Agriculture in Europe' (CLIVARA). Research has also focused on the investigation of important factors involved in the regulation of drought-stress in C3 and C4 crop species.

In my PhD-thesis, ecophysiological aspects of nitrogen and carboxylate metabolism were investigated and in my first post-doctoral assignment (at IAEA), work centred on the N-fixation and P-uptake of Azolla species.

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