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Asger Harlung

Digital Methods Consultant, e-Learning Consultant MA

Asger Harlung
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     Educational background


2000 – 2003:    MA in ICT and Learning from Aalborg University.


2002 – 2003:    The modules on ”rhetorical theory”, and ”strategic communication” from the MA

     program, Master of Rhetoric and Communication, Aarhus University.


1987 - 1992:     Teracher graduation from Silkeborg Seminarium.


1984 – 1985:    IT programmer and assistant from Aarhus School of Business.


1982 - 1984:     Theology student at Aarhus University.


1979 - 1982:     High school graduation with specialization in mathematics and social sciences.





2010 -          :     e-Learning Consultant, MA at Center for IT and Learning, Aarhus University.

(http://www.cil.au.dk). Assistant teacher and researcher on creativity, Open Educational Resources  (OER), e-learning in educational contexts,   

     implementation, types of use, pedagogical development, and course development.


2006 - 2009:     e-Learning Consultant, MA at eVidenCenter, Danish National Center for e-learning.

     (www.evidencenter.dk). Research on e-learning in educational contexts,   

     implementation, types of use, pedagogical development.


2003 – 2006:    Asistant teacher in the master programs on informatics and ICT and Learning at Aalborg

                           University. Course teacher, instructor, and host at international video conferences.


1996 – 2001:    Adults teacher at Alléskolen, Aarhus, a school for socially challenged young adults.

     Disciplines: Danish, psychology, philosophy, and mathematics.


1994 – 1996:    Adults teacher at VUC Skanderborg – Odder.

     Disciplines: Danish, psychology, philosophy, and mathematics.

     Main developer of an additional course offer in workplace psychology.


1992 – 1993:    Psychology teacher at Midtbyens Ungdomsskole, Aarhus.            


1985 - 1986:    Freelance programmer for ”Bedriftssundhedstjenestenn (BST)” (a public consulting

    service in the field of workplace healthcare and work environment), Aarhus.




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Harlung, A. 2007, ”The Elements Model – a Pedagogical Method for e-Learning” (Tilpasningsmodellen – en pædagogisk metode til e-læring), Danish National Center for e-Learning, January 2007, TEMAHÆFTE


Harlung, A. 2003, “A Rhetorical Theory on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (En retorisk forståelsesramme for Computer Supported Collaborative Learning), Aalborg University, SPECIALEAFHANDLING


Harlung, A. 2002, “Role Change from Instruction to Guidance, Nordic School, Article 

Harlung, A. 2002,Fra faglig til vejledende lærerautoritet” (Danish version of ”Role Change from Instruction to Guidance”), Nordic School, Article   


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