Understanding personhood Consciousness at the Borderlands of Living

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Podcast on clinical research hosted by Savannah Schultz and Arnault-Quentin Vermillet at Interacting Minds in conversation with
Lise Marie Andersen & Hanne Bess Boelsbjerg

Consciousness, despite millenia of heated debate, remains one of the most puzzling phenomena to humankind. Theories are vast and continue to evolve with new technologies and fields of study. Yet, what happens when we move away from the theoretical discourse and enter a clinical setting where our conception of consciousness has critical implications to the lives and survival of patients at the borderlands of living.

Lise Marie Andersen (Interacting Minds Centre & Region Midtjylland) & Bess Boelsbjerg (Interacting Minds Centre, Heart openings) have joined us this week to dig deeper into the research of the Borderlands of Living project. We explore their interdisciplinary research with clinicians trying to understand how to best treat patients with Disorders of Consciousness. How do we enact and assess consciousness when patients are not able to communicate with us? How are personhood and consciousness related to each other in this liminal space? And what uncertainties can new technologies bring?
Period8 Aug 2022
Held atSchool of Culture and Society - Interacting Minds Centre
Degree of RecognitionInternational