"The Auditory System" as part of the MIB Experimental Musicology Course on Music & the Brain.

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Manon Grube - Lecturer

Thanks to our auditory system, humans are able to process and distinguish a remarkable range of sounds, allowing us to perceive and respond to our environment, including musical activities.

This course will feature a neurobiologically based journey into the auditory system with focus on the human brain, and on how we process key features of sound and music: pitch, rhythms, timbre and spatial location. It will cover the sensory and neural mechanisms underpinning our abilities to hear and recognize sounds. We start with the ear (outer, middle, inner), learn how sound energy is transduced into electrical signals, then get to know the intricate ascending pathways through the brainstem and into the cortex, where the neural encodings are interpreted. We may perceive a human voice, a musical phrase, or any of the range of sounds in the world around us at a particular moment, and that even for many sounds in parallel, in a noisy environment of many overlapping sounds (e.g. at a “cocktail party”). To lighten the load, the course will be a mix of theory and listening examples, including some illustrative basic ones, some auditory “illusions” and some auditory scene analysis paradigm

23 Oct 2018


NameDepartment of Clinical Medicine - Center for Music In the Brain
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