Solid-state NMR studies of Quadrupolar-Spin Nuclei in Inorganic Materials: Examples from Heterogeneous Catalysis and Cement Chemistry

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Jørgen Skibsted - Lecturer

  • Department of Chemistry
The lecture will include a brief introduction to solid-state magic-angle spinning (MAS) NMR of half-integer spin nuclei (I = 3/2, 5/2, ...) and the most recent NMR techniques used either to extract information about the quadrupole coupling or to reduce spectral effects from this interaction. Solid-state NMR can advantageously be used in structural studies of disordered, less-crystalline or amorphous materials, since the method primarily probes local order. This will be demonstrated by a number of examples from heterogeneous catalysis (e.g., support materials for hydrotreating catalysts) and cement chemistry (e.g., guest-ions in cement minerals).
10 Oct 2006

Event (Conference)

TitleDepartment of Chemistry Seminar Series: Local researchers

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