Political Re-enchantment. Religious Dimensions of Democratization in Asia (External organisation)

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The network investigates the role and significance of religion in modern Asia politics. The purpose is to map the diverse ways in which politics is currently being ‘re-enchanted’ – re-shaped by religious ideas - in Central, South, Southeast and East Asia. Tracing the ways in which Islamic, Buddhist, and Hindu forms of rhetoric, ethics, and beliefs have come to play a key role in politics as countries from Turkey to China democratise, the comparative study will throw new light on the relationship between democracy and religion. Paradoxically, this relationship grows stronger rather than weaker under current global conditions. When state employees in Uzbekistan justify bureaucratic decisions by reference to esoteric experience, when political parties in Indonesia use diviners in an attempt to ensure their victory in democratic elections, and when religious specialists with semi-divine status contest parliamentary seats in India, democratic politics and religious beliefs merge in ways that confound conventional political theory. While the political use and abuse of religion has been the object of frequent analysis, the full range of ways in which religious ideas shape political imaginaries and political practice has not been investigated in an empirical and comparative fashion. The network is intended to provide an international platform for this research in order to address the links between democracy, religion, and globalisation in the strategically important region of Asia. For a more detailed description of the research network, see http://www.hum.au.dk/forhisto/etno/etnonob/networkdescription.pdf.
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NamePolitical Re-enchantment. Religious Dimensions of Democratization in Asia

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