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Frihed og teknologi

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Lone Koefoed Hansen - Lecturer

  • Department of Aesthetic Studies
How does technological development change our individual freedom? How does the computer alter the borders between public and private space? Only 10 years ago, mobile phones were hardly ever used in public space, and it was most certainly not possible to surf the internet (and work) while relaxing in the garden hammock. And ten years from now, it may well be that communication technology willb e integrated into our clothing and maybe our employer will be able to know if we do really work or if we spend our time thinking about our family. Computers have changed our world and our culture and it's neither a negative nor or positive change. It is, however, a significant change. By presenting different artistic projects, Lone will take us through different aspects of our current technologized culture often ignored when discussing the impact of computers.
22 May 2006

Event (Conference)

TitleFrihed og teknologi

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