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Fragmenta epica: F. Schlegel's Mereology

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Andreas Hjort Møller - Lecturer

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This paper investigates the correlation between F. Schlegel's mereology, ever-present in his work, and his comments on certain semi-epic short genres, shorter epic (Hesiod), idyll (pseudo-Bion) and elegiac catalogue-poetry (Phanocles), primarily in the Studiumaufsatz and some of the notebooks. This correlation is used in an attempt to define a possible point, where 'real' scraps and pieces of a long lost literature turn into romantic, intentional artifices.
18 Sep 2009

Event (Conference)

TitleFriedrich Schlegel und die Philologie. Ein Arbeitssymposium zu Schlegels frühen Manuskriptheften.

ID: 17582492