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Elvira Brattico - Visiting researcher

11/7/2018: meeting with prof. Rosalinda Cassibba and assoc. prof. Davide Rivolta, Department of Psychology, University of Bari. Topics: collaborative project coordinated by MariaCeleste Fasano with >100 pre-adolescent children following El Sistema music training program; discussion of future steps and collaboration. 12/7/2018: visit to MEG lab, Bari University Hospital. Invited talk entitled “From sensory to cognitive predictions of sounds in health and disease" for Psychiatric Neuroscience group. Joined and individual meetings with Prof. Alessandro Bertolino, Dr. Tiziana Quarto, Dr. Giuseppe Blasi, Dr. Giulio Pergola on a new MMN project with schizophrenic patients.
11 Jul 201812 Jul 2018


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