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Corporeal-Locomotive Media?: Experiencing first-person being and first-person doing in offscreen-onscreen gameworlds

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Rikke Toft Nørgård - Lecturer

This talk is based on a three-year-long study of gameplayers’ activities and experiences across different onscreen-offscreen gameworlds. The study was carried out using a mixed methods approach that combines phenomenography, grounded theory method, remix methods, interpretative ethnography and visual methodologies.
The present talk will, with the study as its foundation, focus on gameplayers’ everyday concrete corporeal-digital gameplay practices within specific offscreen-onscreen gameworlds. Hence, the talk explores and analyzes the ‘playful’ and ‘gameful’ interactions, expressions and experiences that are characteristic of being a gameplayer engaged in gameplay in a gameworld. Accordingly, the talk centers on the expressive, experiential and exploratory aspects of being a gameplayer – regardless of whether you are a child playing casual games such as Temple Run 2 or Fruit Ninja on the iPhone, a tween playing a first-person shooter such as Battlefield 3 on your laptop or an adult playing a real-time strategy game such as Starcraft 2 on your potent gamer-pc. Through considering these gameplayers’ everyday practices and experiences the talk establishes the notion of ‘first-person engaged being’ and ‘first-person expressive doing’ as central to the practice of playing digital games.
9 Aug 2013

Event (Conference)

Titlenordmedia 2013: Defending Democracy


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