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Conference-Paper: Preventive street level social work and collective, conflictual agency in the wake of Rasmus Paludan’s Burning of the Quran

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Line Lerche Mørck - Lecturer

Wael Adnan Aiche - Lecturer

Based on a decentered movement-movement analysis, this paper explore how street level social workers, local residents, parents, the local Imam and local residents engage in conflictual efforts to prevent violence in the streets of Nørrebro, a former working-class quarter in Copenhagen. During the last two decades, Nørrebro has turned into a young, multi-ethnic area maintaining its historical strong tradition for political and social organisation and uprising, which was reactivated when Rasmus Paludan, the leader of a right-wing extremist political party announced his arrival at Nørrebro. Paludan has toured socially disadvantaged residential areas in Denmark and abroad burning the Quran, in what he claims are political manifestation. Based on this case the paper explore preventive street level social work in this high-level conflictual situation and investigates conflictual, collective agency and counter-hegemonic struggles in and across the many different parties involved the collective preventive actions linked to Paludan’s manifestation. We see how the counter-hegemonic struggles changes over time, from riots in the street, to collective agency, where some of the fathers who’s family members were convicted, collects signatures from local residents, to avoid whole families to getting thrown out / evicted from their homes.
12 Mar 2021

Event (Conference)

TitleNordic Conference on Violent Extremism
Abbreviated titleNCVE
LocationUniversity of Helsinki
Degree of recognitionInternational event


  • riot, counter-hegemonic struggles, collective conflictual agency, mo(ve)ment methodologyy, street level, Street/decency

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