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Blogging for legitimacy: Civil religious justification at the personnel level

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Morten Brænder - Lecturer

  • Department of Political Science

Since Robert N. Bellah's pioneer analyses, the study of the civil religious justification of war has mainly focused on how narratives of legitimizing warfare have been expressed at the elite level. Despite the obvious advantages such an approach may contain, it leaves the personal motivation for participating in warfare unexplained. Searching for such accounts in soldier stories may seem as a natural choice, but in spite of prevalence and the popularity of the genre, the use of such statements poses a problem of reliability, because most of the material available has been written down with the advantage of hindsight. But due the occurrence of ‘milblogs', soldier weblogs or diaries published on the internet, we have now access to thoughts and minds of the men and women in uniform. The authors of milblogs are still enlisted while they write, and their posts are published only hours after the occurrences described actually have taken place. the following paper it is my aim to identify the use of civil religious narratives among soldiers in the field Iraq, by using Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) to analyse two milblogs posted on the 4th of July 2005.


31 May 2007

Event (Conference)

TitleSecularism and Beyond - comparative perspectives

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