Assessment of the performance of a stepped-frequency GPR for subsurface drainage mapping for different survey configurations and site conditions

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Triven Koganti - Lecturer

Ellen Van De Vijver - Other

Barry J. Allred - Other

Mogens Humlekrog Greve - Other

Jørgen Ringgaard - Other

Bo Vangsø Iversen - Other

Subsurface drainage systems (popularly known as "tile drains") are installed in poorly drained agricultural fields to remove excess water and enhance crop yields. Knowledge of the precise location of drainage pipes is important for both economic and environmental reasons. Conventional methods of locating drainage pipes involve the use of tile probes and trenching equipment, which are not only laborious in use, but also entail a high risk of damaging the drainage pipes. In this study, we evaluate the alternative of a stepped-frequency continuous wave (SFCW) ground penetrating radar (GPR) system mounted in two survey configurations and employed in wet and dry field conditions for subsurface drainage mapping. Three different combinations were tested on an organic soil of an intensively tile-drained lowland area. The evaluated test combinations include a ground-and air-coupled antenna array on a dry soil and a ground-coupled antenna array on a relatively wet soil with a snow cover and possible frozen topsoil layer. Although wet soil conditions provided more strongly contrasting anomalies for deep drain lines, our results suggested that dry soil conditions are more generally suitable for drainage mapping, i.e. for a variation of soil textures and drain line depths. Complementarily, average electrical conductivity (EC) estimates obtained from a spatially constrained inversion of apparent electrical conductivity (ECa) measurements from a multi-receiver electromagnetic induction (EMI) instrument were used to provide insight in soil variability and to evaluate the suitability of soil conditions for drain line mapping with GPR.

9 Sep 2019

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Title10th International Workshop on Advanced Ground Penetrating Radar
Abbreviated titleIWAGPR
LocationFokker Terminal
CityThe Hague
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