Advances in Crop Science: Farming Systems, Crop Cultivation and Crop Physiology

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The challenge of contemporary agriculture is two-fold, to produce enough food for the growing population and to reduce impacts on the environment and climate via nutrient loadings, pesticides and greenhouse gas emissions. This double-goal is not easy to achieve, but there is a large potential for synergies between farm optimisation and pollution mitigation, based on crop physiology and farm management. These include optimising nutrient supply according to crop demands, conserving nutrients in the soil and reducing losses, choice of species and varieties and well as designing sustainable cropping systems to increase resource use efficiency.
The aims of the course is to present the latest knowledge on new topics in crop science and cropping systems, in order to understand, quantify and optimise resource use efficiency of crops and cropping systems. Based on lectures and hands-on exercises, the objective is to provide insights on three main topics: i) agroecology – integrated cropping systems to meet the sustainable development goals, ii) digital agriculture- advances in precision agriculture and accounting for spatio-temporal variation, and iii) genetic modifications to improve resource use efficiency. The course is based on the journal club concept that fosters scientific discussion and cooperation between PhD students using a common platform of presenting, analyzing and discussing data/topics/methods, thereby improving students’ ability to review papers, present and discuss results in interaction with colleagues and fellow students, and improve their own research. PhD students will work in groups and selected scientific papers for each topic will be supplied for reading before the course, and for preparation of presentations.

The course objectives are:
1: New topics in crop science and farming systems
2: Resource use efficiency – quantification, measurements and modelling
3: Cropping systems for improved resource use efficiency
4: Training for data management and scientific writing
13 May 201917 May 2019


CourseAdvances in Crop Science: Farming Systems, Crop Cultivation and Crop Physiology
LocationCollage of Agronomy and Biotechnology, China Agricultural University



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