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Thomas Kabel
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Project title: Water Wave Measurements using LIDAR

Project description:
Cases of extreme waves at or near offshore platforms have recently been identified. The most recent accident in the North Sea involved an extreme wave generated slamming load on the COSL Innovator, which lead to broken windows, the deformation of the forward bulkhead and the loss of one life. Based on the aforementioned observations and events, it is becoming increasingly clear that structural safety may well be dominated by the large level of uncertainty related to the probability of the occurrence of breaking waves and their associated loads. Therefore, it is of vital importance that an improved method of measuring waves is investigated.

Recently, a set of advanced LIDAR measurement systems has been purchased, the first of which is installed on a platform in the North Sea. This system is capable of recording surface elevation data over an area of roughly 200 by 200m, with a claimed accuracy of 10cm in the vertical. This project will characterise and validate the accuracy of the surface elevation measurements, establish data handling and processing protocols, and develop a unique database of full-scale, breaking wave events for use in validating numerical models and developing statistical load cases. Ideally, one LIDAR system will also be installed over the course of this project on an instrumented pole at an approximately 1:10 scale coastal facility to provide additional data for comparison.

Supervisor: Professor Christos Thomas Georgakis

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