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Bo Thiesson

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Bo Thiesson
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I’m a Data Scientist with +20 years of experience as a researcher and developer of methods and applications in the fields of statistics, machine learning, data mining, and optimization. I’m broadly interested in all aspects of data science, ranging from simple data manipulation, modeling, and explorative analyses to more sophisticated and scalable machine learning and data mining techniques for crunching data and presenting results. I love all kinds of data; temporal data, spatial data, incomplete data, imprecise data, abnormal data, adaptive data, structured data, unstructured data, “big data”, sensitive data, relational data, ... “Data is king!”

I strive to impact society in a positive way by approaching and managing challenges in the health care sector. The amount and variety of health-related data is enormous. In that respect, I have besides my affiliation with Århus University, joined the company ENVERSION A/S in the quest for doing well for patients and society by extracting the knowledge hidden among all this data. Prior to this quest, I have worked 17 years as a researcher at Microsoft Research, where my contributions have had an impact on a large number of products/systems, including Microsoft SQL Analysis Services, Microsoft BI Labs, Microsoft AdCenter and Online Service Division, Microsoft Office, Windows Phone, and Windows Tablet PC. I also currently retain a close relationship with Aalborg University, where I have researched and taught in the areas of data science, machine learning, and data mining.

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