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Tenna Riis

PhD, Professor

Tenna Riis
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I am a freshwater ecologist specialized in macrophyte ecology and stream ecosystem functioning. My research group focuses on how natural conditions and human impact regulate macrophyte and biofilm communities in streams and how these communities regulate ecosystem functioning such as primary production, nutrient and carbon cycling. We work primarily in agricultural streams and Arctic streams.

In agricultural streams we study the role of natural and human induced physical and biological conditions on the removal of nutrients and carbon cycling. This knowledge is important for optimizing management of streams and rivers in order to prevent eutrophication of downstream coastal waters. In particular, we study the role of macrophyte habitats, growth forms and species-specific nutrient uptake and carbon cycling.

Benthic and epiphytic biofilm is also important components in biogeochemical cycling in streams. We study the links between environmental conditions, biofilm structure and ecosystem functioning, and quantify the role of biofilm in nutrient and carbon cycling in agricultural streams.

In Arctic streams, we study the effect of a changing cryosphere on nutrient and carbon cycling. More specifically, we measure nutrient uptake, primary production, and organic matter decomposition in relation to climate change induced alterations in hydrological regimes, water sources and higher temperatures.     




  • Vandløbs økosystem-funktion
  • Makrofytters økologi
  • Klimaændringer
  • Naturbaseret vandbehandling

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