“Who is an entrepreneur?” - the orphan in entrepreneurship education: Nominated for best paper

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Why and how is the question “Who is an entrepreneur?” still of fundamental importance to both students and teachers in entrepreneurship education - even though it has been refuted by most entrepreneurship scholars since Gartner (1988) stated that “Who is an Entrepreneur? Is the Wrong Question”?

Should something be done about this dilemma? What could and should be done? These simple questions are used to formulate a more coherent and complicated research question for entrepreneurship education:

Although “Who is an entrepreneur?” has been largely refuted in the field of entrepreneurship research it still seems highly relevant in the field of entrepreneurship education. This, we argue, presents a paradoxical tension to entrepreneurship education and educators in their didactical search for theoretical and empirical anchoring in the “mother” field of entrepreneurship. Rather than suppressing or accepting this paradoxical tension, we will confront the paradox by constructing a mutually accommodating understanding of the entrepreneurial role model transcending both the mother field of entrepreneurship as well as the field of entrepreneurship education.
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StatusUdgivet - 2018
Begivenhed3E Conference - ECSB Entrepreneurship Education Conference, 2018 - Enschede, Holland
Varighed: 16 maj 201818 maj 2018


Konference3E Conference - ECSB Entrepreneurship Education Conference, 2018

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