What is Quality Audiovisual Fiction as Seen through the Eyes of Young Danish Viewers: Results from an Explorative Survey of 8–17 Year Old Children

Pia Majbritt Jensen, Petar Mitric, Thomas Sehested, Amanda Skovsager Mouritsen

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This report is based on a national survey exploring how Danish children and teenagers relate to various fictional screen content (i.e., films and series) and the platforms that provide it. We insisted on allowing our young respondents to define what is “quality” and “relevant” fictional screen content according to them. Often, it is content producers and content providers, teachers and parents who do this when producing, commissioning or curating content for them and on their behalf. We, therefore, tried to let the children and teenagers teach us about their preferences.
The 10 major take-aways of the survey are:
1. Danish 8-17-year-old children and adolescents have a strong preference for global
content providers Netflix, Disney+ and YouTube. They are less enthusiastic about
Danish DR, TV 2 and Ramasjang/Ultra.
2. YouTube is the most frequently watched platform with 40% of children watching
daily. Among the boys this number is even higher: two-thirds watch daily. Netflix is
the second most frequently watched platform.
3. When it comes to film and series, Danish children and adolescents mainly watch them
on Netflix and Disney+. They sometimes watch films and series on the Danish platforms, but there they also watch a variety of other genres such as news, documentaries, entertainment and reality. YouTube is used less to watch films and series.
4. There are significant differences between genders. Boys prioritize gaming-focused content. This is especially evident on YouTube, where this content is the most preferred genre among the boys. But the same is true for Ramasjang/Ultra, where gaming is also the most popular content. Gaming is considerably less important among the girls, who rather spend their time on fiction and their favourite YouTubers.
5. As for the children’s favourite series and films, most of the titles mentioned originate in the US although they also mention films and series from Denmark and elsewhere, e.g., the UK.
6. Among the respondents’ favourite movies, a significant amount belongs to global franchises such as Marvel, Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars and Netflix Originals. Netflix Originals take centre stage when it comes to their favourite series.
7. When it comes to YouTube content, however, the sample respondents seem to like Danish content: 5 of the 7 most favourite YouTube channels belong to Danish YouTubers.
8. When our sample respondents were asked to rate specific trailers and clips, they were the least impressed with arthouse titles and the most enthusiastic about genre-driven films and series from commercial market players.
9. The respondents’ comments on the specific titles nuance the quantitative ratings. The comments show that youngsters are not necessarily uncritical of the commercial content and completely dismissive of arthouse content.
10. Some comments did, however, leave an impression of a general reluctancy towards Danish content, either because of a perceived poor quality in storytelling and production values or simply because of the fact it is in Danish.
ForlagAarhus Universitet & Københavns Universitet
Antal sider34
StatusUdgivet - 18 nov. 2021


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