Translating Cultural Translations: : A Study of Translation Practices at Frihedens Værksted

Publikation: KonferencebidragKonferenceabstrakt til konferenceForskningpeer review


Museums are prime sites of cultural translations because they transform the voices of individual artists or juxtapose and assemble diverse artefacts, images and sound, narrating specific stories, people or ideas in a public space. Our inquiry focuses on curatorial texts drawn from two museum exhibitions in Aarhus as well as interviews with their creators and translators: Excavating Contemporary Archaeology at the contemporary international art centre Kunsthal Aarhus and the themed exhibition Frihedens Værksted that celebrates Troels Kløvedal, a well-known Danish sailor and explorer, at the Aarhus Natural History Museum. Viewing the translations as artefacts themselves, our paper explores the translations of curatorial texts that elaborate, enhance and explain the exhibitions. While both museums use Danish to communicate with local visitors, they communicate with international visitors in English – a language whose international status gives it unquestioned legitimacy at the sites. Questioning the legitimacy of International English, our paper considers the interface between the use of English and the processes of translation in the curatorial texts. We provide preliminary analyses of specific translation practices and the ideological landscapes that lie behind these; and we end with a comment on the extensive heterogeneity of International English and its relations with the genre of curatorial texts.
Publikationsdato8 maj 2019
StatusUdgivet - 8 maj 2019
BegivenhedNordic Association of English Studies (NAES) - Aarhus - Aarhus, Danmark
Varighed: 8 maj 201910 maj 2019


KonferenceNordic Association of English Studies (NAES) - Aarhus