Tourism and Cultural Mediation: Case study: Denmark

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There has been a historical shift in ways and methods of travelling from the individuel traveller to what may be called the mass tourist. The introduction of mass toursim and the different motivations that drive tourists today are important indicators for cultural mediators to consider in their production of tourism communication. This book, therefore, deals with aspects of tourism and different types of mediators involved in tourism processes. Mediators employ aspects of culture, authenticity and branding as a means to portray and explain the destinations. This book examines if three specific mediators recentre culture into the toursim prodcts, they portray. These separate communicators are analyzed rhetorically, and Halliday's notion of register is used to establish which language functions the mediators have applied in their tourism communications. Derived from that, the book provides an indicator of the communicational means applied in the tourism industry. The book should in particular be valuable to professionals in Communications and Marketing fields.
ForlagLambert Academic Publishing
Antal sider101
ISBN (Trykt)9783843364324
StatusUdgivet - 2010
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