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The Polyphony of senses and Experience: Perception of audio-visual commercials advertising multi-sensuous commodities

Publikation: Bidrag til bog/antologi/rapport/proceedingKonferencebidrag i proceedingsForskningpeer review

These two combined research papers are a collaborative part of a larger, collective research framework, “Audiovisual culture and the good sound” which examines sound and listening as a precondition for studying and understanding our dominant, mediated audiovisual culture. Media texts as purely visual phenomena have long been the object of scholarly investigation (cf. “visual culture” as a theoretical, well-articulated research field); however, the audio part of audiovisuality remains largely under-researched.
We have selected two examples of mediated, hyperaesthetic and multi-sensuous, yet audiovisual, media representations of staging complex and intertwined sensorial perception on media and illustrate how they are both characterized by the use of hyperbole, by extensive and emphasized sound effects, by bodily movement and touch, and by other transitory stimuli, as well as by an overall characteristic humour, irony and “too much” redundancy.
The central and shared question of our two case studies, The new Martini advert (Charlotte Rørdam Larsen) and Yves Saint Laurent – Elle – Coco Rocha (Ansa Lønstrup) is
how does the audiovisual, mediated commercial work for all the senses – through presentation and representation – in our sensuous experience (perception) of and signification-productive interaction with the commercials?
The two papers can be read both independently and together. The few repetitions are there for pedagogical reasons and we hope they are acceptable.
TitelXVI Nordic Musicological Congress, Stockholm, 2012 : Proceedings
RedaktørerJacob Derkert, Peder Kaj Pedersen
Antal sider8
UdgivelsesstedDepartment of Musicology and Performance Studies, Stockholm University, Stockholm
Udgivelsesår17 dec. 2014
ISBN (Elektronisk)9789197696166
StatusUdgivet - 17 dec. 2014

Bibliografisk note

Introduction : The Polyphony of senses and Experience p. 58: Charlotte Rørdam Larsen & Ansa Lønstrup


  • Audiovisuelle medietekster og deres sanseappel, reklamer for multisensoriske produkter, duft, smag/lugt

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