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The Meaning Makers

Publikation: Bidrag der ikke har en tekstformBilleder, Video- og Lydoptagelser (digital)Forskning

This video of 8 minutes gives some simple ideas and quite a few questions. 40 children played
with LEGO in an empty hallway in a public school in Denmark. In six short video clips you can on
your own or together with reflect upon some possibilities when children play in a school
context. Here you see a lot of LEGO, but it is just a starting point to show some principles. So
add on more and different materials to your activity, classroom or makerspace, but do the
same thing: let the children try out how and what to do, while experimenting and playing. The
questions might also be a reference point for future searching and researching in other videos,
examples and policy documents. Enjoy the video and enjoy your own pedagogical experiments.
Udgivelsesår18 jun. 2019
Medier for resultatYou Tube
Størrelse8 min
StatusUdgivet - 18 jun. 2019


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