Teaching Culture and Peace. Teaching may Matter: A case Study: International Seminar in Hiroshima 2023

Mikael Søndergaard, Ingrid Van Rompay-Bartels, Fuyuko Takita

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Teaching, in a wide sense, has long been associated with efforts to facilitate our understanding in favor of peace. For instance, student exchange programs are historically linked to the aftermath of WWI and WWII as such programs started in 1919 and further expanded in 1946 (Bu, 1999). They assume that understanding various cultures is related to peace. The motivation of these exchange programs is that if you know by firsthand observation about the other culture, you should have a friendly rather than non-friendly relation with individuals from other cultures. Current armed conflicts in the Middle East and in Europe remind us about other key variables at stake, too.
Publikationsdatomaj 2024
StatusUdgivet - maj 2024