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Symmetry breaking for PGL(2) over non-archimedean local fields

Publikation: Working paper/Preprint Preprint


For a quadratic extension $\mathbb{E}/\mathbb{F}$ of non-archimedean local fields we construct explicit holomorphic families of intertwining operators between principal series representations of $\operatorname{PGL}(2,\mathbb{E})$ and $\operatorname{PGL}(2,\mathbb{F})$, also referred to as symmetry breaking operators. These families are given in terms of their distribution kernels which can be viewed as distributions on $\mathbb{E}$ depending holomorphically on the principal series parameters. For all such parameters we determine the support of these distributions, and we study their mapping properties. This leads to a classification of all intertwining operators between principal series representations, not necessarily irreducible. As an application, we show that every Steinberg representation of $\operatorname{PGL}(2,\mathbb{E})$ contains a Steinberg representation of $\operatorname{PGL}(2,\mathbb{F})$ as a direct summand of Hilbert spaces.
Antal sider42
StatusAfsendt - 26 sep. 2023

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