Structure-Property investigation of superconductivity in Nb-doped Bi2Se3

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Topological insulators (TI) have over the past decade been studied extensively due to their interesting electronic properties that make them excellent candidates for applications in quantum computing [1]. Bi2Se3 is a highly studied TI and a large number of studies have investigated the effects of doping. Of particular interest, doping of Bi2Se3 with Cu, Sr or Nb, the topological surface states are maintained, but it becomes superconducting in the bulk, the surfaces can now harbor Majorana fermions [2-4]. NbxBi2Se3 is a rare instance of such a system, referred to as a topological superconductor. Despite the high interest in this system, no complete structural determination has been reported.
In this study, high quality crystals are being grown by a melt growth quench technique for investigations of the structure-property relations of MxBi2Se3. Studies of the temperature dependence of the intercalation is mapped to determine optimal growth conditions while crystallographic studies are used to provide solid structural evidence for the proposed structures.
Bidragets oversatte titelStruktur-egenskab undersøgelse af superledning i Nb-dopet Bi2Se3
Udgivelsesår11 mar. 2018
Antal sider1
StatusUdgivet - 11 mar. 2018
BegivenhedDPG Spring Meeting of the Condensed Matter Section (SKM) together with the EPS (2018): DPG Spring Meeting March 2018 - Technische Universität Berlin, Berlin, Tyskland
Varighed: 11 mar. 201816 mar. 2018


KonferenceDPG Spring Meeting of the Condensed Matter Section (SKM) together with the EPS (2018)
LokationTechnische Universität Berlin

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