Preliminary results on the effect of keeping pigs in home environment post weaning

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Abrupt weaning of 28-day-old pigs is associated with several stressors: Removal from the sow and the transition from milk to solid diet, movement to a novel pen, regrouping and establishment of a social hierarchy. The postweaning
period is associated with reduced weight gain. To reduce the number of stressors, we investigated the effect of weaning pigs in farrowing pens for loose housed sows in a 2×2 factorial design: The litter stayed in the farrowing pen after removing the sow (STAY) or two litters were regrouped in a conventional weaning pen (MOVE), and two sow hybrids: Danbred (DAN) or Topigs Norsvin TN70 (TN). The study included 57 litters from 4 batches (33 litters from 1st parity sows and 24 from 2nd parity sows), with an average age of 26 days at weaning (range 22-30 days). Pigs were weighed at weaning (W0), 7, 14 and 28 days after. The effect of treatment, hybrid, and their interaction on average daily weight gain (ADG) was analysed in a mixed effects model including W0 and batch as covariates, and a random effect of litter before weaning partially nested within pen after weaning. ADG was modelled separately for the first 7 (ADG7), 14 (ADG14) and 28 (ADG28) days post weaning. The preliminary results showed a two-way interaction between treatment and hybrid for ADG28 (P=0.007). The highest ADG28 was found for TN STAY (0.392 kg/d) being significantly higher than TN MOVE (0.252 kg/d), DAN STAY (0.307 kg/d) and DAN MOVE (0.275
kg/d). A similar tendency of interaction was found in ADG14 (P=0.054), but not for ADG7 (P=0.23). For every 1 kg increase in W0, ADG7 decreased by 7 g/d, ADG14 increased by 5 g/d and ADG28 increased by 15 g/d (P<0.01). In conclusion, reducing stress at weaning by keeping pigs in their home environment at weaning for 28 days post weaning increased ADG28 significantly in one but not the other hybrid. Thus, differences in growth potential and/or in stress resilience may exist between hybrids. Additional results on feeding behaviour, saliva-cortisol levels and faeces scores collected post weaning will follow.
TitelBook of Abstracts of the 72nd Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science
RedaktørerE. Strandberg, L. Pinotti, S. Messori, D. Kenny, M. Lee, J.F. Hocquette, V.A.P. Cadavez, S. Millet, R. Evans, T. Veldkamp, M. Pastell, G. Pollott
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ForlagWageningen Academic Publishers
Publikationsdatoaug. 2021
ISBN (Trykt)978-90-8686-366-2
ISBN (Elektronisk)978-90-8686-918-3
StatusUdgivet - aug. 2021
Begivenhed72nd Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science - Congress Centre Davos, Davos, Schweiz
Varighed: 29 aug. 20213 sep. 2021


Konference72nd Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science
LokationCongress Centre Davos
NavnEAAP Book of Abstracts


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