Practitioner Development Workshop: Context in Entrepreneurship Education – exploring the HEI Practitioners Perspective

Mette Lindahl Thomassen, Michael Breum Ramsgaard, Karen Williams Middleton

Publikation: KonferencebidragKonferenceabstrakt til konferenceForskningpeer review


If you were asked to teach entrepreneurship to nurses in Brazil how would you prepare? For most educators it would presumably feel natural to explore the new context in some way and adapt their current learning designs to accommodate the new setting. But, what role does context hold in contemporary entrepreneurship education (EE)? In the workshop, we explore the accounts of the higher education institutions (HEIs) Practitioners Perspective in an interactive format.
Recent literature has established context as important to design for and with regarding entrepreneurship education (Leitch et al., 2012; Thomassen et al., 2020). While some aspects of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial action are broadly applicable, others are significantly dependent upon the context in which one is embedded. However, there is a lack of documented knowledge regarding how to deal with context in entrepreneurship educational practice, and educators are often left to consider how to address context in entrepreneurship education and training, without clear guidance of how to do so.
For this reason, we call upon the 3E community to consider: How can/should context be addressed in entrepreneurship education in HEI? As practitioners, we wish to explore how and why context is addressed in current EE pedagogical practice. We seek to expose, which context aspects that are currently not addressed – either because they are deemed irrelevant or taken for granted. Finally, we strive to identify critical next step in addressing context in entrepreneurship education from an educator perspective.
Publikationsdatomaj 2022
StatusUdgivet - maj 2022
Begivenhed3E Conference – ECSB Entrepreneurship Education Conference -, Dijon, Frankrig
Varighed: 11 maj 202213 maj 2022
Konferencens nummer: 9


Konference3E Conference – ECSB Entrepreneurship Education Conference


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