Pedagogical Supervision of Assistant Professors and Post.doc Development of Self-confidence

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  • Ole Lauridsen, Danmark
Pedagogical Supervision of Assistant Professors and Postdoc’s Development
of Self-confidence

Ole Lauridsen
Aarhus University

Aarhus University offers a mandatory pedagogical training programme for all assistant professors, the completion of which is required in order to obtain tenure at a Danish university.
At Business and Social Sciences, this programme is supplemented by observation and supervision of the assistant professors’ teaching practice. The reason for this initiative is (i) that many young university teachers face general problems putting pedagogical theory into practice – even though the pedagogical programme as such is practice-oriented, and partly due to this
(ii) that quite a few of them lack self-confidence when it comes to teaching. In contrast to peer supervision which is useful in its own right and also recommended at the university, this supervision by a senior faculty member offers a much more focused feedback based on thesupervisors’ long experience and thorough knowledge of the theoretical background and
application of postmodern constructivist teaching methods.

The key areas of the supervision are:
gestures and facial expression, enunciation, language (the quality of Danish / the quality of English as a foreign language in teaching), use of different media (the presentation as such, e.g. PowerPoint technicalities, blackboard, visualizer, Web 2.0), interaction with the students (including the use of active learning), and the structure of the lesson, including timing. – The
written feedback is succinct and to the point, but the form is friendly; receiving feedback from a senior colleague is a notorious challenge for quite a few of the supervisees, and it is therefore crucial that the supervisors do not scare or discourage their young colleagues. This supervision is
voluntary, but still 8 out of 10 accept the offer. The feedback from the supervisees is positive:
Many supervisees report that they did not understand the full impact of the pedagogical principles delivered at the training course until after the supervision; many realize that their teaching can be improved through only minor changes; all of them stress that they feel much more competent and confident after the supervision.
The session will present the principles and the results of the supervision: the didactic foci, the problems registered and the format as such. Examples of supervision feedback will be given, and the form used by the supervisors as well as samples of full supervision reports will be handed out to attendees.

The activities after this introduction will consist of (i) a discussion of
the principles applied, and (ii) an exchange of experience and ideas with a view to improving the quality of the supervision. The outcomes of this interaction will thus be beneficial to all attendees who (plan to) work with supervision in their own professional practice.

Keywords: supervision, feedback, self confidence, quality of teaching
StatusUdgivet - 2012
BegivenhedInternational Consortium for Educational Development 2012 - Bangkok, Thailand
Varighed: 23 jul. 201225 jul. 2012


KonferenceInternational Consortium for Educational Development 2012

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