Methods of treatment of premolar agenesis: a literature review

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  • Malgorzata Bilinska
  • Morten Godtfredsen Laursen
  • Paweł Plakwicz, Department of Periodontology Medical University of Warsaw, Polen
  • Małgorzata Zadurska, Depatment of Orthodontics Medical University of Warsaw, Polen
  • Ewa Monika Czochrowska, Depatment of Orthodontics Medical University of Warsaw, Polen
Congenital agenesis of second premolars is the second most common dental anomaly after third molar agenesis. Orthodontists are often the first dental specialists to diagnose this condition and they are usually involved in the treatment planning in patients with second premolar agenesis.

The aim of the study was to review the literature on the treatment methods for the agenesis of second premolars and to present relevant clinical examples, which will
illustrate implementation of different treatment modalities.

Material and methods.
A review of the literature on the treatment of agenesis of second premolars has been performed for the period 1961-2018. The medical databases PubMed and Medline were used.

Different methods such as preservation, selective grinding and hemisection of retained deciduous second molars, prosthodontic restorations including dental implants, orthodontic space closure, also with the application of skeletal anchorage, and autotransplanation of premolars and third molars can be applied to treat agenesis of second premolars.

Early diagnosis of second premolar agenesis enables the implementation of an optimal treatment protocol which should aim to avoid the need for prosthodontic restorations.
The choice of treatment depends on patient’s age, status of deciduous molars, skeletal and dental relations, presence of crowding/spacing, patient’s profile, cooperation
with other specialist and patients’ wishes.
TidsskriftOrthodontic Forum
Sider (fra-til)210-228
Antal sider19
StatusUdgivet - okt. 2020

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