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Making Democracy Work Well: Political competition and local development in a new democracy

Publikation: Working paper/Preprint Working paperForskningpeer review


  • Matthew Loftis
  • ,
  • Tsveta Petrova, Columbia University, USA
This manuscript revisits democracy's effect on citizens' daily lives and wellbeing. We addresses conflicting findings of the previous literature on this issue with two contributions: the paper focuses 1) on a possible causal pathway linking democracy and human development - the robustness of electoral competition and 2) on this impact at the local (rather than national) level. Accordingly, we test whether local electoral competition, operationalized as vote concentration, impacts local development, measured with average wage growth. Our analysis utilizes data from a large sample of Polish localities from 2004-2013 that received European Union structural and cohesion funds meant to speed up local development. Results indicate that this beneficial impact of EU funds on local development are greater in regions with more competitive elections.
Antal sider30
StatusAfsendt - 2017

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