LSP lexicography and typology of specialized dictionaries

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LSP lexicography is a term that covers many different subject fields treated by different types of dictionary based on various theoretical and methodical approaches. The object of LSP lexicography is lexicographical tools that function as utility products that provide specific types of help to specific types of user in specific types of user situation related to one or more subject fields and their LSP. This should be related directly to the objective of LSP lexicography, which is to develop principles and guidelines that help lexicographers design, evaluate, make and use lexicographical tools that fulfil specific types of need of specific types of user in specific types of situation in the real world concerning particular subject fields and their LSP. An appropriate approach to LSP lexicography and specialized dictionaries is based on lexicographical functions, such as communicative and cognitive functions, and the data that dictionaries contain should be specifically adapted to user needs and competences through user profiling. User situations are extrinsic lexicographical phenomena and are not related to lexicography but arise in the extra-lexicographical environment, while dictionary functions are intrinsic lexicographical phenomena and are directly related to the help dictionaries are intended to give in various situations. When planning, making, examining and describing specialized dictionaries, lexicographers should relate the selection, distribution and presentation of data to the objective of LSP lexicography. This contribution closes with a general typology of specialized dictionaries based on lexicographical functions, dictionary types and user types.
TitelLanguages for Special Purposes : An International Handbook
RedaktørerJohn Humbley, Gerhard Budin, Christer Laurén
Antal sider25
UdgivelsesstedBerlin, Boston
ForlagDe Gruyter
Publikationsdatookt. 2018
ISBN (Trykt)978-3-11-022800-7, 978-3-11-022801-4
ISBN (Elektronisk)978-3-11-039465-8
StatusUdgivet - okt. 2018


  • Leksikografi
  • Lexicography
  • Ordbøger
  • Dictionaries
  • Opslagsværker
  • Reference works
  • Fagsprog
  • Specialized Language
  • Fagordbøger
  • Specialized dictionaries
  • funktionel leksikografi
  • functional lexicography
  • Brugerbehov
  • User needs
  • Informationsværktøjer
  • Information tools