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„Krise“ an der belarussischen Grenze und wie die Kommission das Feuer weiter anfacht

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For more than half a year, a humanitarian tragedy has been unfolding on the Belarusian border with Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Migrants are being deliberately taken there by the Lukashenko regime in order to put pressure on the member states concerned and thus on the European Union. The European Commission calls this action a "hybrid attack" in its proposal for provisional emergency measures under Article 78 (3) TFEU. This article presents the draft. It also discusses why the Commission would be better advised to require Member States to implement existing law instead of creating further derogations.
Bidragets oversatte titel"Crisis" on the Belarusian border and how the Commission adds fuel to the fire
Udgivelsesår16 feb. 2022
StatusUdgivet - 16 feb. 2022

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