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Iso-hemoglobin differentiation in hypoxia- and normoxia-raised Lake Victoria Cichlids

Publikation: KonferencebidragPosterForskning

  • Roy E. Weber
  • Guido E. E. van den Thillart, Universiteit Leiden, Holland
  • Inger Wilms, Leiden University, Holland
  • Maaike C. Nieveen, Leiden University, Holland
  • Frans Witte, Leiden University, Holland
Our previous study revealed striking differences in isohemoglobin (isoHb) pattern between siblings of the Lake Victoria cichlid Haplochromis ishmaeli raised under hypoxic and normoxic conditions, respectively, but disclosed no corresponding differences in two other species that do not belong to the same species flock. To test the hypothesis that the isoHb switching may be an adaptive trait stemming from a Late Pleistocene desiccation event in Lake Victoria, we conducted split brood experiments with three other species from the Lake Victoria species flock that do not encounter hypoxic conditions in their natural environment, viz. insectivorous Haplochromis thereuterion, mollusc-shelling Platytaeniodus degeni and zooplanktivorous Haplochromis piceatus, while keeping H. ishmaeli as a reference. As previously observed for H. ishmaeli, the O2 affinity of the composite isoHbs was higher in hypoxia-raised than normoxia-raised siblings of H. thereuterion, in the absence as well as the presence of the major organic phosphates (ATP and GTP) that modulate Hb-O2 affinity inside the red blood cells. Re-acclimating split broods of these two species at higher age (4 and 7 months, respectively) to reversed O2 tensions for 1 – 2 months resulted in incomplete reversal (intermediate isoHb patterns). The finding that hypoxia- and normoxia-raised siblings exhibited distinctly different isoHb patterns in each of the four species investigated, indicate that the trait may indeed be a relic inherited from predecessors that lived in hypoxic environments.
Antal sider1
StatusUdgivet - 2018
BegivenhedSociety of Experimental Biology conference 2018 - Firenze Fiera Congress and Exhibition Centre, Firenze, Italien
Varighed: 3 jul. 20186 jul. 2018


KonferenceSociety of Experimental Biology conference 2018
LokationFirenze Fiera Congress and Exhibition Centre

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