Ion channels, transporters, and sensors interact with the acidic tumor microenvironment to modify cancer progression

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Solid tumors, including breast carcinomas, are heterogeneous but typically characterized by elevated cellular turnover and metabolism, diffusion limitations based on the complex tumor architecture, and abnormal intra- and extracellular ion compositions particularly as regards acid-base equivalents. Carcinogenesis-related alterations in expression and function of ion channels and transporters, cellular energy levels, and organellar H + sequestration further modify the acid-base composition within tumors and influence cancer cell functions, including cell proliferation, migration, and survival. Cancer cells defend their cytosolic pH and HCO 3 - concentrations better than normal cells when challenged with the marked deviations in extracellular H +, HCO 3 -, and lactate concentrations typical of the tumor microenvironment. Ionic gradients determine the driving forces for ion transporters and channels and influence the membrane potential. Cancer and stromal cells also sense abnormal ion concentrations via intra- and extracellular receptors that modify cancer progression and prognosis. With emphasis on breast cancer, the current review first addresses the altered ion composition and the changes in expression and functional activity of ion channels and transporters in solid cancer tissue. It then discusses how ion channels, transporters, and cellular sensors under influence of the acidic tumor microenvironment shape cancer development and progression and affect the potential of cancer therapies.

TitelFrom Malignant Transformation to Metastasis : Ion Transport in Tumor Biology
RedaktørerChristian Stock, Luis A. Pardo
Antal sider46
ISBN (trykt)978-3-030-99800-4
StatusUdgivet - 2022
SerietitelReviews of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology

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