Introduction: Afects, Interfaces, Events

Bidragets oversatte titel: Introduktion

Publikation: Bidrag til bog/antologi/rapport/proceedingBidrag til bog/antologiForskningpeer review


This book addresses how the proliferation of digital and interfacial technologies produces an intensifed distribution of afect in most aspects of our daily lives. Interfacial encounters imply a folding between “being in the body and representing/mapping the body from the outside” (Munster 2006, 142). Our key concern is to analyze the often-complex interfacial entanglements between our online and our ofine being-in-the-world, since the distribution of afect modulates our very existential conditions. The individual chapters of the book investigate, in numerous ways, how afective interfacial events—on a micro and macro-level—are reinforced by or challenged by these conditions. The major concerns that we consider are: what happens in specifc interfacial encounters, how interfaces modulate, how tonalities are brought forth or can change environments, how attunements happen, and how interfacial spreadings operate on afective, aesthetic, and political levels of exchange. These investigations are carried out from a transdisciplinary starting point, bringing into creative resonance a multiplicity of concepts, methods, and empirical examples throughout the overall framing of the book.
Bidragets oversatte titelIntroduktion
TitelAffects, Interfaces, Events
ForlagImbricate! Press
Publikationsdato1 jun. 2021
ISBN (Trykt)979-8-7295-2452-5
StatusUdgivet - 1 jun. 2021


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