International classroom teachers in need of professional development

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International classroom teachers in need of professional development: Outcomes of the IntlUni Erasmus Academic Network project 2012-15 The IntlUni Erasmus Academic Network (2012-15) has addressed the opportunities and the challenges of the multicultural (international) classroom where higher education teachers as well as their students have different first languages and cultural backgrounds. The point of departure and the rationale for the project has been that there are close interrelations between linguistic, cultural and didactic issues that present themselves in such a context. There are two main outcomes of the project: ‘The IntlUni Principles for quality teaching and learning in the multilingual and multicultural learning space’ and the ‘IntlUni Recommendations’ (Lauridsen & Lillemose, 2015). The quality principles for the teachers are that they should raise awareness about and reflect on their teaching processes and negotiate the learning processes with their students as well as manage and leverage diversity in the classroom. Therefore, one of the IntlUni Recommendations is for the higher education institutions to provide the necessary professional development and teacher training programmes that will allow HE teachers to appropriately develop their language proficiency and their cultural competences as well as their professional and pedagogical knowledge, skills and competences. This paper will briefly present and discuss the outcomes of the IntlUni project and other sources (e.g. Gregersen-Hermans, 2016), all pointing towards the need for more professional development and training of higher education teachers teaching multicultural student cohorts. Based on these very recent sources, the paper will discuss and offer examples of how such activities may be organized. References Gregersen-Hermans, J. (2016). From rationale to reality in intercultural competence development. In Jones, E., Coelen, R., Beelen, J. & de Wit, H. (eds). Global and Local Internationalization (pp 91-96). Global Perspectives on Higher Education. Rotterdam, Boston, Taipei: Sense Publishers. Lauridsen, K.M. (forthcoming). Professional development of international classroom lecturers. I Valcke, J. & Wilkinson, R. (red.). Integrating Content and Language in Higher Education: Perspectives on Professional Practices. Selected papers from the 2015 ICLHE Conference. Peter Lang. Lauridsen, K.M. & Cozart, S.M. (2015). Teaching and Learning in the International Classroom: quality principles and lessons learned from the IntlUni project. Internationalisation of Higher Education. An EAIE Handbook (3/2015), 73-89. Berlin: Raabe. Lauridsen, K.M. & Lillemose, M.K. (eds) (2015). Opportunities and challenges in the multilingual and multicultural learning space. Final document of the IntlUni Erasmus Academic Network project 2012-15. Aarhus: IntlUni.
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